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Think positive! How ‘positive’ lists help exotic animals

September 22, 2022

This summer, the Netherlands took a bold step forwards and introduced a positive list to address the animal welfare and other concerns associated with keeping exotic mammals as pets. Positive lists, as the name implies, are lists of species allowed to be kept as pets. They’re typically based on a comprehensive scientific risk assessment, which …

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You can stop your dog from pulling on a leash: Here is how!

poodle pulling on leash at a park wile walking with guardian
September 19, 2022

Walking your dog is a daily activity, usually enjoyed by all parties involved. However, some pups are better at pulling than walking relaxed on a loose leash. Sound familiar? We reached out to AnimalKind accredited trainers to talk about why dogs pull and asked them to share humane training tips to help you teach your …

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