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Informed food choices

The BC SPCA works to protect and enhance the quality of life for farmed animals in B.C. One way we work towards a better future for farmed animals is by advocating for higher-welfare food.

For those who include animal products in their diet, we encourage consumers to choose products certified by an independent animal welfare assurance program. When certified options are not available, we help consumers understand how they can make informed decisions that still protect farmed animal welfare.

Woman and daughter grocery shopping, confused about what to buy.Learn how to make higher-welfare food choices

Are you looking to purchase food products from farmed animals raised to high standards of animal welfare? Confused about what the food labels mean and don’t want to be mislead? Learn more here.

Array of plant-based food options.Plant-based eating

Whether you choose to consume less animal products, or are vegetarian or vegan, everyone has the power to make a difference for farmed animals. Learn more about the benefits of plant-based eating.

SPCA Certified

SPCA Certified was the BC SPCA’s third-party animal welfare assurance program, which began in 2002. Although thousands of animals benefited through this program, SPCA Certified has ended as of 2021. Learn more about its history here.

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