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Adopted November 10, 2022 from

On May 26, 2022, little Lucky and her brother were found as strays and brought to us. At only ten months of age, only a kitten herself, Lucky was already pregnant and primed to add to the cat overpopulation problem in British Columbia. Luckily for Lucky, she and her three babies were cared for in …


Adopted July 7, 2023 from

On June 22, 2023, our Animal Protection Officers answered a call that led to 36 cats and kittens being seized from a property in Vernon. Ten-week-old Maverick was among them. Sadly, some of them were too sick to be saved. The rest were moved by our Drive for Lives program to shelters and foster homes across …


Adopted May 10, 2023 from ,

Fresa came to us under difficult circumstances. This poor girl was brought into the BC SPCA Victoria Community Animal Centre by ambulance when she was surrendered to one of our Special Provincial Constables as part of a cruelty investigation. It was November 27, 2022, and Fresa was only about three years old. She had probably …


Adopted June 27, 2013 from

We love to hear about companion animals who left our shelters years ago to join their new families. It affirms that we have made a good match for a “forever home.” Here is a note we received from the family of Cash, a Chihuahua mix who was adopted on June 27, 2013: “We adopted Cash …


Adopted July 10, 2022 from

Our feline companions have a huge impact on our lives—just as we do on theirs. When Sonny and his parents adopted Cheerio from the BC SPCA Nanaimo Community Animal Centre in July 2022, they weren’t sure how he’d settle into his new home. It seemed that Cheerio was deprived of nourishment in his life before …


Adopted July 19, 2014 from

When Nugget came into our care in July 2014, we knew he would make a difference in the world. Fortunately, the perfect guardian came along to help Nugget flourish in his community. When Stuart met Nugget, he was instantly taken with Nugget’s soft nature. Stuart’s family fell for this gentle giant, and they couldn’t leave …


Adopted December 13, 2020 from

Sometimes, we make a personal connection to an animal unexpectedly. Jessica and her partner wished to make their house feel like a home. They knew having a furry friend to care for and share their space with would make their place much more comforting. Although they initially searched for a kitten, Jessica and her partner …


Adopted May 30, 2023 from

Luna came into our care from a hoarding situation. When she arrived at the BC SPCA Kelowna Community Animal Centre, she warmed right up to our staff and immediately showed us how friendly she was. We knew it wouldn’t take long before this delightful kitty found her forever home. Sure enough, in May 2023, Donna came …


Adopted July 9, 2021 from

Little Rhea was surrendered to an Animal Protection Officer as part of a investigation on May 18, 2021. She was one of a litter of four five-week-old kittens in a home with 43 cats and kittens. During her intake exam, the vet noticed she had mobility issues. X-rays showed no obvious trauma, so it was …


Adopted January 10, 2001

Love stories between a family and their beloved animal companion are deep and lifelong. The story of a stray spotty dog named Skip and his adoptive family started back in 2001. His family wrote this touching tale in remembrance: “There was once a little spotty dog, roaming along a rural road. He was picked up …