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Everybody will want to tune in to this love story. It’s a beautiful “tail” of a rescue, but it also speaks to our quest here at the BC SPCA to find the right match between adopters and animals in our care, regardless of factors that others might judge.

Tiny, one-week-old Pearl and her siblings and their momma came to us at the BC SPCA Cowichan Community Animal Centre on September 6, 2023.

As soon as Pearl and her family were out of foster, all of them quickly found homes. Pearl went to a wonderful home on November 6, 2023. Here is her story from her new mom:

“Being a senior presents some issues as we can be considered too old. Whereas most of us are still active, hold a part-time job and want companionship. I am in that category.

I have always had a pet and mostly cats, all rescues. My last cat Molly passed in August and I wasn’t sure I wanted another, but of course I did. There are several cat rescues around where I live but the minute they hear your age (it’s the first question) it’s a firm no.

My local BC SPCA helped me acquire a two-month-old kitten. Her name is Pearl, cause she is a real gem. She’s affectionate, sweet, funny and an all-round sweetheart.

She keeps me laughing as her favourite place is the bathtub. She flops around chasing her tail and escapes me while doing so. Of course, she also loves toilet paper but she’ll grow out of that. She can be noisy at night but again I sometimes chuckle as she eventually ends up at my back making me sweat while we sleep the rest of the night.

Overall Pearl is the best thing for me and I like to think I am for her. She likes her vet and is all caught up on her shots till next year. Everyone at the vet’s office all come out to see her as she is quite the social butterfly.

I thank the BC SPCA as I may never have gotten her without their kindness to a senior. In case anyone wonders, my son and his wife will take her should I pass on in the future. They already love her as well.”

Who wouldn’t love that sweet little darling?! What a character you have there. She’s clearly a great help around the house.

It’s we who thank you for choosing to adopt from the BC SPCA. Our goal is to find good and loving homes for each of our animals. And that’s what you’re providing.

May the two of you remain forever young at heart, together.

Have you adopted an animal from the BC SPCA and want to share your joy with others? Submit your adoption story!

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