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Losing a feline friend is devastating. When they’re gone, our daily life can feel hollow.

When Daphne lost her cat companion, she undoubtedly felt a missing piece in her life and her heart. Through this, she found the strength to look into adopting a new kitty in need.

Meanwhile, Ruby was having a hard time opening up during her stay at the BC SPCA Surrey Education & Adoption Centre. This beautiful grey feline was so shy and nervous, just waiting for the right guardian to come along.

When Daphne met Ruby, both their lives would change forever—for the better.

Daphne didn’t hesitate in adopting Ruby. She took her home in March 2024, and wrote to us with an update just a week later:

“Ruby came into my life a week ago. My cat had passed away and I was miserable without a cat.

As soon as I met Ruby, I knew she was perfect. She is incredibly sweet and loves giving hefty doses of face kisses. She is big on PDA.

Ruby is a foodie and likely has a future career as a food critic. Everyone from work will eventually meet her because she insists on attending Zoom meetings.

She brings completeness to our home.”

Thank you, Daphne, for adopting Ruby. It warms our hearts to hear how affectionate she is with you. It’s clear you have already built a strong, trusting bond. We’re so pleased that Ruby can be herself around you and doesn’t hesitate in showing you how grateful she is. Your connection with Ruby is truly a testament to how our pets seem to enter our lives when we need them most.

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