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When it comes to adopting a new companion, timing and patience can both play a big role.

After mourning the loss of her beloved Border Collie, Val was ready to open her heart once again to another canine in need. She believed the perfect dog would come along, and she waited half a year for that moment to arrive.

Then, she heard about Kona, a young Maltese-Poodle mix at the BC SPCA Richmond Community Animal Centre. Beneath his sheepishness, Val saw Kona’s pure heart. She knew she could give him the home he deserved.

In February 2024, Kona’s adoption became official. Val has written to us with an update:

“After losing our senior Border Collie, Rex, two years ago, we decided it was time for us to bring another dog into our home.

We were looking for a smaller dog to be our companion in the garden and during RV travel. We wanted a rescue, because there is such a need.

We had been searching for around six months when we heard the story of Kona. He had been abandoned in a local park with his mom and we immediately knew we had to adopt him.

When we went for our meet and greet, we saw this cute, nervous little guy. Our hearts just knew. We were lucky enough that he chose us to be his parents.

Kona was so shy and nervous when we first brought him home but, with encouragement and love, he learned to trust us. He is fitting in so well. He loves zooming around our backyard as we garden and watching TV with us on the couch.

He is already learning commands and routines. Kona is still afraid of strangers and certain noises, but we are working with him to ease his anxieties.

My grandkids and kids love Kona, as well as all of our extended family and dog family. He is doing so well as we introduce him slowly to his new pack of humans and dogs. Our futures are looking bright together.”

Thank you, Val, for choosing adoption as your first option. We are thrilled to hear how well Kona is setting into his new life and his forever home with you. Thank you for giving this sweet little guy a second chance at living the life he truly deserves. We wish you and your family many years of happiness as Kona continues to flourish and become the best dog he can be.

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