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The Science & Policy Team works to improve the lives of companion, farmed, and wild animals through education, advocacy, and policy change based on scientific research. By subscribing above, you will keep up to date on all Science & Policy program initiatives, including:


The BC SPCA’s animal welfare accreditation and referral program for companies that provide higher-welfare animal-related services, including dog training companies and wildlife and rodent control companies.


The BC SPCA’s newsletter for those passionate about improving farmed animal welfare. FarmSense is delivered four times per year and includes educational information about farmed animals, and ways you can take action to improve their welfare.


The BC SPCA’s newsletter for those passionate about wild animals. Delivered bi-monthly, WildSense focuses on the unique issues and challenges of wild and exotic animals in B.C., promotes coexistence for human-wildlife conflicts, and offers alternatives to exotic animal captivity with evidence-based solutions to improve the welfare of all wild animals and highlights ways you can help.

Science & Policy

The BC SPCA’s bi-annual newsletter that provides updates on BC SPCA science and academic initiatives, including research collaborations with the UBC Animal Welfare Program. This newsletter also keeps you up to date on animal policy, legislation, and current events.

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From letters to local politicians to federal petitions, BC SPCA Action Alerts let you be the first to know about actions you can take on behalf of companion, farmed, and wild animals.

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