​What do Canada's Organic Standards mean for animal welfare?
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​What do Canada’s organic standards mean for animal welfare?

The Canadian Organic Standards outline minimum animal welfare expectations for Certified Organic farmers. The BC SPCA is extremely committed to improving welfare standards for animals living on organic farms in Canada. A 2015 update of the standards included important improvements for animal welfare such as banning crates for pigs and banning tethering for cows.

In September 2018, the next revision process got underway, with completion of the next Organic Standard anticipated to occur in November 2020. The draft standards opened for public comment on July 2, 2019.

The BC SPCA commented on the standards and asked you to support our comments and/or add your own. The many comments are now being reviewed by the development committee and we are hopeful that further improvements will be made.

Learn how the BC SPCA is involved in the revision process.

The BC SPCA will continue to collaborate with organic associations across Canada on improving farm animal welfare in organic production systems.