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Through our passion of rescuing animals in need, it is important for us to acknowledge that sometimes these animals save their humans as well.

Jennifer was always accustomed to having animals throughout her life. So, it was a very difficult transition when she moved away from them to an apartment in a new country.

Handling the hurdles of a new stressful job in the midst of the initial lockdown in 2020, Jennifer began to recognize that her mental health took a huge hit. Plus, she really missed having an animal around.

With the encouragement of her partner, and after some setbacks in searching for an adoptable pet, Jennifer met Finnix at the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch in June 2020 and it all fell into place.

Several months on, Jennifer has written to us to share how Finnix saved her, too:

I grew up with animals for my whole life. I’ve had dogs, cats, birds, turtles and ducks. Animals are a huge part of who I am.

When I moved from Brazil to Canada with my partner, I decided to leave my two dogs and two cats with my mother. They were used to the big yard and the climate there. I didn’t think bringing them here to live in an apartment would be the best life for them.

Leaving them behind was incredibly difficult. In the beginning, I was busy and kept myself occupied with the move and paying the bills.

However, by March 2020 I began to feel the heaviness of not having a pet at home. Quarantine hit hard. I had just started a new high-stress job where I had to learn everything remotely.

I didn’t mind being at home all day long, but my mental health started to decline. Whenever I was stressed, it became harder for it to pass, even after the source of the stress was no longer relevant.

My partner suggested that we get a pet. I wasn’t sure. My mental state made me doubt my abilities of caring for a pet even though I’d had so many already.

We started looking at adoption sites. All my other animals were rescues and my purpose in life is to rescue as many animals as possible. I was very happy to see that animals are adopted very quickly here, but every time I sent an application, I was already too late.

I started losing hope until I saw a picture of Finnix. He looked so scared it broke my heart. I told my partner this was the last time I was going to try. If it was meant to be, it would be. If not, it was a sign that it wasn’t the right time.

I sent my application. An hour later I got a call. We went to see him that same day.

Finnix was lying at the back of his kennel, incredibly stressed. He growled every time we moved. I wondered if we’d be able to give him what he needed. My partner reminded me of how our other pets came to us, and how happy they were.

We went to pick Finnix up the next day.

It took two days until Finnix let us touch him, one week for him to leave our bathroom, and almost three months for him to start feeling comfortable enough to lay on the couch or in bed next to us.

Now, Finnix is the craziest, sweetest cat. He demands attention whenever he wants it and has the zoomiest zoomies I have ever seen. He has never scratched or bitten us. This was definitely not the impression he gave me the day we met him as the terrified growling cat.

Finnix has given me a greater confidence in my abilities of rescuing animals that are scared the way he was.

I hope in the future when we have our own bigger space, my partner and I can help more animals in need—the same way they have helped me through all my life.

Thank you, Jennifer, to you and your partner for choosing adoption as your first option. Thank you for taking a chance on Finnix and for giving him a forever home that he feels safe in. It sounds like Finnix is now thriving with your love, affection and care.

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