How to adopt a dog, cat or other animal from the BC SPCA
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How to adopt

Thank you for considering to adopt an animal in need of a forever home. Each year, we care for tens of thousands of homeless animals.  We are grateful to compassionate individuals like you who provide loving homes – and a second chance – for these amazing animals.

Before you begin: Are you ready for a pet? Learn about the commitment of adoption and how to choose a pet with our pre-adoption tips. Still have questions? Review our FAQs.

1.) View adoptable pets

View our adoptable animals online. By registering and creating a profile on the adoption site, you can identify criteria you are looking for and sign up for email alerts when an animal matching your needs comes into one of our facilities.

2.) Complete an adoption application form

Once you find a pet you’re interested in, take note of their name, ID number and location in their “About Me” section of their adoption profile and fill out an online application form (no account or password is needed to apply for an animal).

Please note: We often receive multiple applications for the same animal. Due to volume, we are only able to respond directly to the first few applicants who may be a match for the animal.  Please don’t be discouraged if you are not contacted – we hope you will keep searching for a pet on our website as new animals are taken into care daily. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

  Fill out Pet Adoption Form  

3.) Talk with staff or volunteers

If you are selected a staff member will contact you by telephone to answer any questions you may have about the animal or the adoption process. In some cases, a virtual meeting will take place prior to an in-person visit at the animal centre to meet the animal.

Adoption counsellors are there to help answer questions and assist with meeting animals. We disclose all information we can about the animal so you can make an informed decision.

If you’re interested in a certain animal, an adoption counsellor will go over their behaviour and medical file with you. If a match is successful, the majority of animals are ready to go home the same day.

4.)  Complete the adoption

Adoptions are processed with the applicant unless other arrangements have been confirmed with staff. You’ll need to bring government issued photo identification. Check your local BC SPCA animal centre for current fees and learn what the adoption fee includes.

5.) Bring your new pet home!

Change can be scary for any new pet. Set up your new pet’s supplies and make your home safe for them before their arrival so they can have an easier transition.

There are many things to consider for your new pet’s happiness and safety. Find out how to prepare for their arrival using our pet care section.

Follow up & support

If you have any questions or need support after your adoption, please don’t hesitate to contact the animal centre you adopted from for advice, our staff are available to help.