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Pre-adoption tips

Adopting a homeless pet from the BC SPCA is a rewarding experience for both you and the animal. Make sure you’re ready by asking yourself the following.

Ready to adopt a pet?

Think about why you want to adopt. Being a pet guardian comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment for their lifetime. Pets are companions who live with and depend on us for all of their needs. Are you prepared to care for them through life’s many changes?

Apply to volunteer with animals or foster a pet if you don’t think you’re ready to adopt.

A beautiful moment between a dog and a woman lying on a carpet indoors cuddling

What type of pet to choose?

Each type of pet has different needs for feeding, care, behaviour, housing and costs. Use our pet care and behaviour section to find out more about each animal and which type of pet is right for you.

Making the right match

There is no perfect guardian, there is no perfect animal, but there is a perfect match.

The BC SPCA uses a matching process so animals have a better chance of being successfully placed in permanent homes. Learn how to make the right match by thinking about your expectations, lifestyle and household. Each animal has a unique personality and different needs just like us.

Grey and white rabbit being cuddled by woman

Cost of being a pet guardian

Adopting a pet comes with a one-time fee, but their needs will be ongoing. All pets require basic supplies such as food, toys, collars and travel carriers to name a few.

Pets need an annual veterinarian exam even if they aren’t showing signs of illness. Preventative exams go a long way in keeping your pet happy and healthy. Veterinarians can pick up on small problems before they get bigger.

Accidents and illness will happen during your pet’s lifetime. Plan to set aside an emergency fund for your pet and consider the benefits of a pet insurance plan.

person with two kittens

Take the time

Looking for and adopting a pet is an exciting experience. Take the time to find the right match for you and the animal. Every animal available for adoption is a great companion who will find their perfect home. Some animals need you to spend more time with them before they show their personality.

Our pet search is updated frequently and we have many adoption centres for you to meet the thousands of homeless animals entering BC SPCA animal centres each year.

Where do you live?

Do you live in a condo, a house or a high-rise apartment? Is your yard, balcony or windows secure to keep your pet safe? Some pets need safe outdoor access while some don’t. Some pets don’t do well using elevators or stairs. Consider your living arrangements when searching for a new pet.

Are you allowed pets?

Pet-friendly housing is limited in British Columbia. If you are renting, talk to your landlord before bringing an animal home. Find out if you’re permitted, or if there are certain restrictions on what type of pet you can bring into your home.

Use our pet-friendly housing tool kits to help you.