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Pet care and behaviour help topics

Pet care & behaviour

Lots of people think of small pets, like rabbits and rodents, as “starter” pets. But just because they’re small doesn’t mean they need less care!  Find out how to set up your cage, what kind of foods to feed, and how to handle and play with small pets safely. Download our care sheets (PDFs):

Two guinea pigs with fluffy hair

It’s important to build a relationship of trust with your small pets. We like to pick them up and cuddle them, but small pets are prey animals. This means they’re hunted by others for food and the only time they’re picked up is when they get caught.

Respecting them will help you gain their trust so you can pick them up and pet them.

For more information on caring for small pets, check out our care guides (PDFs):

To help cats cope with the stress of being at a shelter, the BC SPCA developed the Hide, Perch & Go™ box. The box provides cats with more control over their limited environment and allows them to express behaviours such as hiding, perching and face rubbing (scent marking). All of these are natural cat behaviours that help reduce stress.

The Hide, Perch & Go™ box is included with the adoption of your new feline friend! Learn more.

Cute ginger coloured cat lying down sleepy in a hide perch and go box

Cat playing with woman with wand toy