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How can I help wildlife during wildfire season?

What do wildfires mean for wildlife? Just like people, wildfires also impact wildlife. Wild animals have developed strategies to fly, run or bury themselves to escape from fires, but the change in habitat and food resources will have a lasting impact for generations. Especially for fires that occur near urban and suburban areas, you may see wild animals passing through as they search for safety.

During wildfire season, or in times of severe drought, you can help wild animals:

  • Prevent forest fires – learn more about how you can prevent forest fires.
  • Don’t feed the animals – feeding wildlife does more harm than good, and can create dependence on humans. Wild animals can find food on their own, even in severe conditions.
  • Don’t scare the animals – if they’re fleeing a fire, they will already be scared and tired. Be patient as they rest before moving along.
  • Keep your pets on-leash or inside – this helps keep pets and wildlife safe by preventing conflicts.
  • Report injured wildlife – if you find an injured animal or suspect they need help, call our Provincial Call Centre at 1-855-622-7722.

Learn more about how you can help pets and other animals during wildfire evacuations.

Frog covered in ash in hands of firefighters
Photo credit: Coleman Gower