​What can I do with an old fur coat?
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What can I do with an old fur coat?

NOTE: The BC SPCA’s Wild ARC is NOT currently able to accept fur coat donations.

The sad facts about fur are hard to ignore, and many people are looking to make their home more fur-free. Sometimes this is as small as fur trim on a sweater, hat, or other accessory, or sometimes it’s an entire coat inherited from a family member. If you want to re-purpose or re-home old furs, consider these options:

Remove fur trim

Simply removing the fur is the easiest way to reclaim your clothes. Enlist the help of a local tailor for more complicated projects that might require expert removal and repair. Ask to keep any fur trimmings so you can ensure they stay out of the fashion industry.

Donate fur

The BC SPCA is frequently contacted from people wishing to donate their fur coats to Wild ARC and other wildlife rehabilitation centres. This has been so successful over the last few years that many now have an overabundance of furs! Unfortunately, furs can’t be cleaned the same way as other textiles – for the safety of our patients, they have to be discarded once soiled. Please note Wild ARC is NOT currently able to accept fur donations.

Research and consider donating to local animal protection groups or museums, who sometimes have educational uses for fur.

Communities living in the Arctic may also have a need for fur donations. Fur is considered a necessity in this part of Canada, where temperatures can drop below zero for nine months of the year and can get as cold as -65C with the windchill. Fur and leather are also very expensive in the Arctic, so donating fur coats is a positive way to support northern communities.

Fur burial

For some people, simply laying the fur to rest is one way to find peace. Find somewhere acceptable to hold a small ceremony and bury the fur, first removing any synthetic components.