​How to help ducks and geese crossing the street
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​How can I help a duck or goose family trying to cross the street?

After ducklings and goslings hatch, their parents walk the babies (who can’t fly yet) to nearby water sources. Sometimes the families get stuck at road medians if they try to cross a highway or busy street. This creates a tricky situation where both the animals and the rescuers might be in danger. Trying to herd the family can cause them to panic and run into traffic, and rescuers may disrupt traffic or risk their own safety.

The best way to help duck or geese families trying to cross the street is to contact local police for help stopping traffic. Once traffic is stopped, slowly and calmly herd the babies and parents to safety. Only try to capture the family if necessary for their safety. If the parents (or babies) panic and scatter, the rescue and reunion can become complicated.

Call our Animal Helpline at 1-855-622-7722 for help with wildlife issues, including advice on how best to help duck or goose families.

Canada goose with goslings under wing
Photo credit: Sasha Stephanian