​How the BC SPCA helps horses
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​How does the BC SPCA help horses?

Horses and farm animals come into the BC SPCA’s care through our Animal Protection Services. Sadly, these horses are usually in poor condition. In many cases they require extensive nutritional, medical, and behavioural rehabilitation due to starvation, neglect and abuse.

The BC SPCA cares for these horses in one of our three barn facilities:  the Good Shepherd Barn in Surrey, the Kelowna Recovery and Adoption Barn, and the Nanaimo Seasted Stables, or places them in the care of an experienced foster home. The BC SPCA provides the care, treatment and time these horses need to recover before being adopted to new homes.

To adopt a horse or any other animal from the BC SPCA, please visit our adoptions page. The BC SPCA does not have the resources to take in surrendered horses and farm animals at this time.

We rely heavily on donations and our dedicated foster homes and boarding facilities to provide for the horses in our care.

Our Science & Policy team advocates to protect and enhance the quality of life for all animals in British Columbia, including horses, through education and advocacy initiatives. We work to increase awareness of animal welfare issues, promote individual actions that lead to positive change, and press for evidence-based changes to standards, policies, and legislation to improve the lives of horses.

person walking with horse outside