​What to do about a duck or goose nesting near pool
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What if a duck or goose is nesting near my pool?

Ducks sit on their nest for three to four weeks before the babies hatch. To prevent the babies from hopping into the pool, cover the pool a few days before you expect the babies will hatch. The babies are small and don’t have waterproof feathers, so they can get hypothermia or drown if left in the water.

If a baby duck or goose ends up in your pool:

  1. Toss floating objects, like flutterboards, in the pool immediately to give babies temporary resting places
  2. Make a ramp using foam pool floats, patio chair cushions, or a wooden plank. You can use an empty pop bottle tied to the underside to help it float
  3. Use a pool skimmer to herd babies towards ramps, but don’t chase them. Chasing causes more stress and will exhaust the babies
  4. Open the gates to the pool area so the family can move out and find a better water source

If you need further advice on a nesting duck or goose family, call our Animal Helpline at 1-855-622-7722.

A Duck family