​Wolf-dog hybrids as pets
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​Can I have a wolf-dog hybrid?

It is illegal to keep or sell a wolf as a pet in B.C. Some dogs are sold as “wolf-dog hybrids” for thousands of dollars, but they are really just dogs and have little to no wild wolf in them. Genetic testing is available to confirm hybrid status, however the animals’ behaviour is often used to assess their “wildness.”

The BC SPCA is opposed to keeping, breeding and importing wolf-dog hybrids as pets. Cross-breeding a wolf and dog counteracts 12,000 years of domestication. These animals are difficult to train and contain, develop stereotypies in captivity, and often show aggression toward other animals and humans. They need a high level of care that is difficult to achieve and do not make good pets.

Wolf-dogs already in captivity should be sent to accredited sanctuaries and never used for public attractions as roadside zoos or “walks with wolves”.

Photo by John E. Marriott