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Shirley Florence Hall

There were only two occasions in over 90 years when Shirley Hall did not have a companion dog in her life. The first, in her sixties, when she and husband Bill sailed their 30” boat across the Atlantic. The second, when she could no longer walk a dog and was kept company by her amazing cat, Charlie Parker. Throughout her life, Shirley recognized the value of animals in contributing to a quality of life.  Anyone with a dog, who was experiencing home insecurity on the streets, would very likely get a donation from Shirley if they asked for it; she knew how important it was for individuals, with or without means, to have the companionship of an animal.

Shirley and her sisters were raised by their single mother during meagre depression years in East Vancouver, on earnings from childminding and sewing. But still the family somehow always managed to find enough food for a dog or cat.

Shirley also recognized the importance of supporting an organization like The BC SPCA. Particularly, the important work of spaying and neutering, their role in investigating cruelty, placing animals in new homes, and providing standards for the treatment of animals. Over the years, Shirley made many donations to The BC SPCA in her community. She would hope to inspire others to follow her example.