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John Henry Jobbins

John was born and raised in Victoria, BC. His thoughts were never far from here even when he lived in Vancouver or in the Interior of the province. John served in the Canadian Merchant Navy during World War II. He was very proud of his contribution to the war effort. When he was released he came back to Victoria and married his wife, Eve. They lived happily together for 45 years until she died in 1991. Although they were never blessed with children they filled their lives with cats, dogs and birds. Together they raised canaries and entered them in shows. John was a steam engineer and worked on the tugs, at hospitals and in the penitentiary, and eventually for the federal government where he was in charge of building and maintenance for the post office.

John and Eve had three mini dachshunds all named Widget. After Eve passed away, John had a further two dachshunds, again named Widget. John was a very generous man in life and in death. He regularly contributed to the BC SPCA especially for the care of large animals, particularly horses. John contributed up to half his yearly income to worthwhile causes. He was a devout Christian man who believed that nowhere was God’s grace and love more evident than in the animals He created. John was always available to help when he was needed and he gave to anyone in need. It was John’s last wish that animals would benefit from his gift.