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John Derwent “Jack” Hall

January 22nd, 1919 – May 11th, 2008

Jack Hall was a long-time supporter of the BC SPCA and other charities. His love of animals, especially cats, was evident from a very early age. He always had in his care at least one cat and admitted that they were “boss” within the household! Jack’s last cat, Cali, was a malnourished alley cat he enticed to live with him by accustoming her to a reliable supply of food and water on his back porch, and then gradually moving the dishes closer to his door and eventually into his house (a technique he used on more than one occasion).

Jack lived his entire life in Vancouver, attending Florence Nightingale Elementary School and King Edward High School. He worked briefly at the Terminal City Club before landing a job at the Burrard Dry Dock where he worked until his retirement in 1984. Jack never married or had children of his own, but was very close to family and friends and they to him. His cats provided daily companionship, and so it is fitting that a bequest to the BC SPCA was provided for in his final wishes.