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Georgette M. Vaillancourt

May 19, 1925 – June 14, 2021

Not able to have pets as a child, Georgette made sure her children always had a pet or two growing up.

Georgette loved their family dog, Tiger, so much that during his last few years, up to the ripe old age of 21, he was made to be the most comfortable a dog could be. She would feed him by hand, made special doggy diapers, and changed and cleaned him as you would a baby. She and her husband also cut the legs off Tiger’s favourite chair and their own bed so Tiger could continue to be close to them. Georgette insisted Tiger accompany the family on all vacations, be it a weekend or a month long trip to Florida. He stayed in some of the nicest hotels of the day.

When her son brought home an independent-minded jet black cat name Fritz, she fell hard for him as well. Fritz became so special to her during his 19 years, that she wanted his ashes buried with her.

Georgette was a full-time homemaker and the consummate Mom to her children, whose house was always open to friends and family.

Her children remember their childhoods full of wonderful memories, each one better than the last.

After a rough childhood herself, Georgette lived a full happy life raising four children, followed by a long and happy retirement full of family, travel, and pets.

She passed at age 96 and made sure her final feline companion, a ginger kitty, would be very well taken care of in the loving home of her daughter. We are so grateful, Georgette, for your gift in will that allows us to give care and protection to animals in need, keeping your legacy of love alive.