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Dan and Gloria Roberts

Gifts from both the estate of Dan and Gloria Roberts, and their children, will continue to assist animals in the Greater Vancouver area for many years to come.

We grew up in home were there were as many cats and dogs as kids. In their final years, my parents wound up with four cats, one of which my father nursed by hand. These four cats really became their “children” and they not only had more toys than needed, but also had treat time, sips of morning coffee, played in the fish tank, and had various bird feeders by the windows so they would be entertained during the day. They traveled with our parents down to their favorite place, Black Mountain Ranch. They would stay at the trailer on their leashes, basking in the sun and being entertained by the steller jays that came to feed on the bird feeders.

When our mom was diagnosed with cancer in June 2004 the cats really became my parents’ companions – the cats knew something just wasn’t right. When Mom was hospitalized, Dad brought home one of Mom’s gowns so they could smell her. They slept on that gown for weeks. Mom made Dad promise he would keep all 4 cats, which he did. On February 18, 2005, our mom passed away and Missy, Sissy, Calvin and Alvin became our Dad’s constant companions. They were there to give him love, read the paper with him and have morning coffee. On March 31, 2006, our Dad died of a massive heart attack and the cats were there with him. Family members adopted all of the cats, and all four spend their days in very loving homes, just as my parents wished.

Animals of every form have always been a part of our family’s lives. Although we miss them very much, we are comforted in the knowledge that their gift has been able to help many animals in need – something that was very important to both of our parents.