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Valerie and Donald Hamilton

Valerie (Parkin) Hamilton: March 18, 1939–October 21, 2020

Donald Hamilton: February 18, 1937–June 7, 2021

Both Don and Valerie were born in Victoria, BC. As a child Don excelled in sports, particularly hockey and Lacrosse. He was inducted into the Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1990, and played hockey till just a few years before he passed. Valerie was a beauty, an outstanding dancer who carried on dancing through out her life. She taught tap dancing in North Vancouver and continuing to tap dance down with the Palm Springs ORPS Tap dance group till a few years before she passed.

Valerie grew up with cats, Don grew up with dogs. Once they married, they moved around a bit and then settled in Deep Cove and had a family. Cats were always a part of their family. That was all until Valerie and her daughter Julie-Claire saw a BC SPCA ad in the Province newspaper looking for a forever home for a dog named Rollo. It was love at first sight. Rollo’s name changed to Oakley and once he moved in with the Hamilton’s, he had one of the best lives ever. Over his 21 years with the Hamilton’s, he travelled all over North America, went tree planting for years, moved to Nelson, and then spent his last few years with Don and Val once they retired in West Vancouver.

Don and Valerie’s friends and family know that they are reunited with their beloved Oakley now, throwing sticks and happy to all be back together.