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Stormy & Envelope

While some cats enjoy being the sole focus of attention in their household, others thrive on having at least one sibling around.

After adopting Envelope from the BC SPCA Alberni-Clayoquot Community Animal Centre in October 2020, Emily knew adopting another feline companion would improve Envelope’s daily life.

So, she set out searching for another cat to add to their family. After two and a half years, the time felt right. Emily came across Stormy, a young tuxedo girl, at the BC SPCA Nanaimo Community Animal Centre in April 2023. She fell hard for Stormy’s sweet personality and hoped Envelope would feel the same way.

Sure enough, once Envelope met Stormy, the two have been inseparable ever since. Emily has written to us to share an update:

“Our cat Envelope, who we adopted as a kitten in October 2020, needed a sibling to play with. When I saw Stormy, I knew she’d be the right fit for our family.

The BC SPCA Nanaimo Community Animal Centre staff contacted me almost immediately after I submitted an application to adopt Stormy. They said we were the only applicants who already had a cat at home. They didn’t want to send her to a home where she wouldn’t have a sibling.

Envelope and Stormy got along immediately. I had planned to keep them separated for a little while, but they just weren’t having it.

On day one, when we brought Stormy home, Envelope shoved his way into the room and began to give his new baby sister a bath. He brought her toys and chased her around the house. I knew immediately that we had made the right decision.

Stormy came into our lives at the perfect time and has greatly improved the quality of life of our family. She has settled wonderfully into her new home. Our family is now complete after bringing Stormy home.”

Thank you, Emily, for choosing adoption as your first option. We are thrilled about the immediate connection that Stormy had with her big brother. Thank you for recognizing that adopting Stormy would not only enrich your own lives but also Envelope’s life immensely. They make such a wonderful pair and were truly meant to be siblings. We wish you all many more happy moments over the years to come.

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