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Saphira & Sophie

Saphira and Sophie came to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch together from the same litter of baby gerbils. When they arrived at the end of December 2016, we hoped they would be able to find the same forever home so they could stay with each other.

Both sisters had very different personalities but were inseparable. Saphira was a bit more active than Sophie, and Sophie was a bit more laidback than Saphira. But both siblings were friendly, social, and happy-go-lucky.

It was heartwarming to see how they knew how to take care of each other. And we couldn’t wait to see how they would fit into their new forever family, with guardians who would know how to love and care for them, as well as give them space when they need it.

That day came only a week later on Jan. 7, 2017, after they were transferred to the BC SPCA Port Coquitlam Education & Adoption Centre, when they were adopted. Their new guardians sent us this update:

From the moment I first saw my new adopted fur babies, I knew they were meant to be mine.

They were very young gerbils who have grown into very confident adults. Saphira (Saphie) is a very hyper girl and loves to spin on the wheel while Sophie is calm and prefers to dig.

They love to nap together and give each other baths. They are so adorable, especially when they greet each other with little kisses.

They are very curious and remind me of cute meerkats who are on alert! They are happy and healthy girls who bring me happiness each day and remind me to be thankful of how important the little moments in life are.

Saphie and Sophie challenge me in many ways as they have strong personalities but I love them just the way they are.

Sophie is on the left [of the photo]—my two Burmese gerbil girls.

We are so glad to hear that they’ve settled so nicely into their new forever home. It sounds like they’re able to spend their days doing what they enjoy: playing and spending time with each other and their new family. Thank you so much for taking awesome care of these cutiesor as you nicknamed them, Ginger and Sporty Spiceand for making adoption your first option.

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