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Gorgeous Molly came into the care of the BC SPCA Richmond Branch in the summer of 2017. She must have made a great first impression, because she quickly found her new home.

Her adoptive family wrote in to share some photos and provide an update on how she is settling in.

So enjoying my beautiful adopted cat – Molly. She makes my days much more enjoyable. She makes me laugh many times a day and is learning to trust me and even cuddle at times. If I don’t pet her often enough she will wrap her paws gently around my legs or dash out and pat my legs as I walk by. I call her my computer monitor as she often sits above my computer on the top of the desk.

It’s wonderful to hear how Molly has enhanced your life with her bright personality. She sounds like a real character. We bet you’ll see more and more of her personality show itself as time goes by, and she learns that she has found her forever home. Enjoy your new “executive assistant,” and thank you for making adoption your first option.

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