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Max & Mia

This pair of senior Shih Tzus was surrendered to us on October 11, 2019, as their owners were no longer able to care for them.

Judging from the file of medical records that accompanied them, the two were well loved. They had all the signs of cherished companions: annual checkups, up-to-date vaccines, dental care and microchips and were spayed and neutered at the appropriate age.

Both were calm and gentle from the start. As with most bonded pairs, they complemented each other in temperament.

Max was more confident and outgoing, was the first to greet new people and did not like to be ignored. Mia was more reserved and took her social cues from Max. Both were affectionate at their own pace.

Exactly one week after their arrival at the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch, Mac and Mia captured the hearts of a family who just came to “take a look.” Smitten at first sight, the family took them home that day.

Here is an update from their new family:

My daughter saw Max and Mia on the BC SPCA Facebook page early one Saturday morning and she was pretty insistent we go take a look.

We have always had dogs at home and it had been nearly a year since Tinker decided to join our other dog, Max, over the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss our dogs dearly so we figured we would just “go look.” Instead, we fell in love with Max and Mia. The two have brought such joy to our family.

They were so skinny when we first picked them up and a little apprehensive. It didn’t take them long to realize the food and love would keep flowing forever.

They both had stomach problems when they first arrived. They are seniors and we were worried.

There was no way we would give up on them since they are now family. Sure enough, with some love and change of diet they settled right in.

They play like puppies some days and are inseparable. They sleep with us on the bed and we love to spoil them.

We like to think we make them as happy as they have made us.

And we wager that’s a pretty good bet! We love to see the word “forever” used when talking about the animals adopted from our shelters. Thank you for choosing to adopt this bonded pair of sweethearts.

If their former guardians are watching, we hope they can see that their pups could not have found a more loving home in which to spend their retirement years.

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