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Lindy Lou

Dear Lindy Lou found her way into our care when she was surrendered to a BC SPCA Special Provincial Constable by way of a cruelty investigation.

When Lindy Lou showed up at the BC SPCA Abbotsford Branch, she was coughing and sneezing, had a runny nose, ear mites and bad dental health. And she was only a year old.

This sweet girl carries a condition called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which is one of the hazards of living life outdoors, as it is spread from cat to cat, usually through a bite wound.

Such cats will have an especially hard time staying healthy in the wild, not to mention contribute to the cat overpopulation problem in British Columbia.

But a cat with FIV can live a long, healthy life as an only cat in an indoor home, with the kind of loving care it looks like Lindy Lou found. Her perfect match walked in on July 10, 2020.

Here is her turnaround story, sent to us by her new guardian.

I live on my own and work from home. With the current pandemic, things have been pretty lonely.

A friend on Facebook posted a picture of a little cat that was coming up for adoption at the BC SPCA Abbotsford Branch. That led to my filling out an application to adopt.

Someone else was ahead of me and ended up with Abby and Vida, the two cats I had been looking at.

I received a call from the Branch the next day, saying they had a possible match, a one-year-old kitten named Lindy Lou.

After a brief discussion we made tentative arrangements for me to come in and see Lindy Lou. I went in on the following Friday and finalized the adoption.

Despite having FIV and rough start to life she is the sweetest little cat. She was quite shy at first but is now running the house.

She is the most affectionate cat I have ever seen. This morning was the first day back working after the adoption and she quite happily moved into my home office to supervise.

Love her to bits.

Okay, now that we’ve wiped the tears of joy from our faces, let us say what a happy story this is. It makes our work worthwhile when we see both members of the match thrive for having found each other.

Thank you for sharing how choosing to adopt can add such richness to our lives. May you make beautiful music together for years to come.

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