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Jo Jo

When we spend almost two decades sharing our lives with a furry companion, it can be incredibly difficult to imagine going on without them one day.

When Deborah’s old cat Louie passed away, she knew it would be impossible to replace him and the love they shared.

However, after several months, she felt ready to open her home again to another feline in need.

Originally intent on fostering, Deborah fell hard and quickly in love with Jo Jo at the BC SPCA Victoria Branch. It didn’t take long before Deborah made it official and adopted him.

Now, a couple months on, Deborah has written to us with an update on their new life together:

I had my previous cat Louie for 17 years. He was my baby and I’d had him since he was one year old. Sadly, he passed away at the tender age of 18 on September 17, 2019.

That loss was just devastating to me. He left a huge void in my life and nothing could fill it. I truly missed having my friend and companion around, especially since I live alone.

I started to get depressed and felt miserable. After a few months went by, I started to think about fostering. I knew that no other animal would replace Louie, but I wanted another companion.

On a sunny Friday afternoon in January 2020, I went to the BC SPCA Victoria Branch. I wasn’t going home without a cat. This was it. I wanted a long-haired cat.

Immediately upon entering the cat room, a beautiful dark-haired cat came over to see me and wanted to be petted. He was so friendly and confident. He walked around like he owned the place. I loved the personality and the confidence. I also knew that he would be a big goof.

He was my first and only choice. I fell in love with the dark-haired beauty and no other cat would do. He had to get some dental work done first, so I took him home as a foster with an understanding that I would adopt him.

On February 6, 2020, it was official. When I first got him,  Jo Jo was scared of me and he kept hiding under the coffee table. He did not want to be with me and would not eat in front of me. He was also a bit aggressive and reactive.

After about a month, things suddenly changed. Now, Jo Jo is always with me. He always wants to see what I am doing and know what is going on. He loves to sleep with me on my bed.

Jo Jo is a very sweet and loving cat. He loves to talk and chirp. He is still confident and acts like he owns the place. We have truly bonded and I am so happy to have him at home when I come home from work. We think we save them, but actually, they are the ones who save us.

Through this process I have learned that you will never replace pets of your past, and you will never find a replica of them.

I also learned that you have to give another animal a chance and let them settle in. Then their true personality comes out and shines.

Now more than ever we are isolated in our homes (due to COVID-19) and cannot be with other people—it is so important to have a companion animal.

Thank you, Deborah, for choosing to adopt Jo Jo and for opening your heart once again. It sounds like you and Jo Jo have a true connection that will continue to grow over the years to come. Having an animal in our lives can feel like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle—when we find the right fit, we feel complete again.

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