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Our canine companions are such a central part of our daily lives that our family can feel incomplete when they’re gone.

When April-Marie lost her beloved dog Ava, she was truly devastated. Through her grief, she felt the need to make her home feel whole again.

After a couple of months had passed, in March 2022, her instincts led her to the BC SPCA website, where she saw Hershey, a sweet Border Collie mix available for adoption at the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre.

Hershey’s dashing good looks and kind eyes caught April-Marie’s attention. The rest is history, and April-Marie has written to us with an update:

“After losing our beautiful dog, Ava, who passed away from cancer, we were heartbroken. Our house felt so dark and empty without her sweet presence. Losing Ava was the hardest experience of our lives and we still tear up at the thought of her.

It was late one night, about a couple of months after Ava’s passing, that I felt this random urge to look at the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre’s website. Hershey was one of the very first dogs that popped up on the page.

Immediately, I just knew he was the one. The very next day, after filling out our application, I went to meet him and he came home that same day.

Hershey is the sweetest, most loving, gentle soul. He has given us so much love and happiness that we desperately needed and lost after Ava passed away. He is extremely smart and such a funny little guy.

Hershey is a big goofball and has the biggest heart. He just wants to be snuggled and loved all day long. He loves to give kisses and to be gently massaged until he falls asleep.

He has so many doggo friends in our area. Hershey loves to play with and meet every person or dog he sees. He loves his walks and zoomies in a big grass field and especially the dog park.

We cannot express the love we have for Hershey. He is so wonderful. We are so grateful and blessed to have him in our lives and we fall more in love with him each day! Please adopt, don’t shop. Thank you, BC SPCA.”

Thank you to you too, April-Marie, for choosing adoption as your first option. We are thrilled to hear how Hershey has flourished and found his forever home with you. We understand that no one and nothing could ever replace your sweet Ava, but adopting another canine pal in need is a wonderful way of honouring her. Thank you for opening your heart and your home once again.

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