Guinness' adoption story
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In a perfect world, the ideal pet would come to us at just the time in our lives when we’re looking for them. However, sometimes our pets choose us and, despite not seeking a new furry friend, we know it’s meant to be. This is exactly what happened with Guinness. Here’s what his family said about finding him:

My nine year old daughter and I were on a regular visit to the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch to walk dogs in March 2000. We noticed a scared, young, red and white pup flat on the floor, shaking in the back of a kennel. I went to ask about his story and to see if we could take him into a quiet room to comfort him.

He reluctantly crawled to the room and once inside, he sprang to life! He was jumping and kissing us and though we had no intention of adopting anyone in the near future, Guinness came home with us five days later.

Guiness shared in raising my two kids, as well as many foster kittens and puppies over the years (his nickname was Uncle Guinness). He also took my daughter through agility classes, played a role in my son’s cops and robbers games and enjoyed fishing, camping, boating and hiking.

Guiness moved across Canada with us and loved exploring, hanging out by the pond on our acreage with the kids and their friends in his later years. He was everybody’s best friend. After giving us the very best 17 years of his 18-year life and in typical Guinness fashion, no fuss, no long goodbyes, he finally fell into a deep, peaceful sleep one night this summer.

Walking into the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch that day and being found by that little red and white pup was the best thing in the world. Thank you for finding our family Guinness.

It sounds like Guinness lived a very long and happy life with his family. Thank you for making adoption your first option and for giving him such a great home to call his own!

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