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Elsa was around ten months old when she came under the care of the BC SPCA Victoria Branch back in July 1999. She didn’t stay long at the shelter before she was adopted by her forever guardian, who would give her the amazing life she deserved.

We were fortunate enough to get an update on Elsa so many years later. Her guardian gave us this glimpse into the happy life she lived:

On July 12, 2017, my precious orange tabby, Elsa, who was two weeks shy of turning 19, succumbed to the complications of her disease, hyperthyroidism. I am thankful that it was very clear, letting Elsa go into her final sleep was the right and only thing to do. Elsa had given me a lot of joy, laughter, companionship, and yes, challenges over the 18 plus years we shared together. She received the respect and dignity she deserved to the end.

I adopted Elsa on the July long weekend in 1999. One of my friends came with me to the SPCA that day to ‘help’ me find a cat; but as anyone who has a pet knows, we’re often the ones who are adopted. That’s what happened to me.

I saw a sign by a cute 10-month old orange tabby called Sadie, saying,’ I’ve been adopted’. Above Sadie, was her sister, Sarge who hadn’t been adopted. I felt badly for Sarge, who kept sticking her paw out at me from behind the bars and meowing plaintively. I eventually picked her up and was holding her when she promptly hissed at the black cat living in the next cage. I knew then and there that Sarge would be a feisty one! There was no doubt she would be coming home with me.

Sarge was a beautiful colour – a caramel, butterscotch tone. I’ll never know why someone called that lovely female cat Sarge, but I knew she needed a name that reflected her personality and looks. One day as Sarge was lounging on the carpet, I flashed to the story of Born Free, about a playful, yet majestic golden lioness named Elsa. I knew right then and there that my cat would  be called Elsa, a name that suited her to a tee.

When I adopted Elsa, I was ready to take on that commitment, which I knew could easily be 15 years or more. As it turned out Elsa lived for almost 19 years!

As an older cat though, she required various treatments that I was able to give her, for example, most notably, insulin shots for a four-month period where she had diabetes, and twice-daily pills for her hyperthyroidism. It’s truly amazing what you can do for your pet that you thought you’d never be able to do.

Elsa had a good life with many a sunny day spent lazing on the balcony. She is now up there romping around among the heavenly clouds with her new friends…some of whom might even have wings 🙂 May she forever be at peace.

Our hearts are singing now, knowing she lived a long and happy life. It’s awesome to hear that that fierce kitten we knew a long time ago grew up to live out her years with lots of joy and sunny days. Thank you so much for giving her your love and care over the years, and for choosing adoption to make this happy “tail”.

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