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Diamond and Tulip

Budgies can be very social creatures and benefit greatly from having a pal—or a few.

When Diamond and Tulip came into our care at the BC SPCA Victoria Community Animal Centre, we knew they had to go to their forever home together.

A couple months later in December of 2022, Cathy, a very bird-savvy adopter, was looking to expand her avian family. Diamond and Tulip wasted no time in charming their prospective guardian when they met her.

Cathy couldn’t resist welcoming Diamond and Tulip into her home. She has now shared an update with us on how these beautiful budgies are settling in:

“On December 10, 2022, we adopted two budgies, Diamond and Tulip, from the BC SPCA Victoria Community Animal Centre.

They are the sweetest budgies ever. They love to fly from their hanging playground onto my head.

Our other two budgies, Bella and Clover, have become best friends with Diamond and Tulip. When we first let Diamond and Tulip out of their cage, they were so excited that they flew around the house with the other budgies. They were all so happy and having lots of fun together.

Diamond and Tulip are very friendly and they love people. Sometimes all four budgies swoop over my head and it feels like a tornado just went by. They are so happy to have a home now!”

Thank you to you and your family, Cathy, for making adoption your first option. We are thrilled about the companionship Diamond and Tulip have already formed with Bella and Clover. It sounds like they’re having the time of their lives. Thank you for giving these lovely birds the second chance they deserve. We hope to hear about many more of their shenanigans to come.

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