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When Bindi came into our care in early 2013 at the BC SPCA South Peace Branch in Dawson Creek, we knew she was going to make a special addition to the right family.

She wasn’t afraid to show her personality right away—as long as it meant finding a lap she could curl up in. Bindi was so friendly and social to any person and animal she met.

In order to find this lovely senior lady a home, we transferred her down to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch for more exposure to adopters. Sure enough, Bindi met Lisa, her committed companion, who has written to us five years on:

When I first met Bindi, she was a senior around 12 years old, and had been surrendered by her family in Dawson Creek due to moving.

Bindi was transferred to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch and she waited three long months until I saw her ad. By that time, she had developed an upper respiratory infection. Surely she must have been losing hope that anyone would welcome her.

But, I knew she was special. The moment we locked eyes, she began to purr. I cried with joy when I was approved for adoption. It did take a lot of work for my other cat to accept her. We had to separate the house for five months, but it was worth all the inconvenience. There was no way I could give up on her.

Bindi is so easygoing and grateful. She has the best disposition of any cat I’ve lived with. She likes kids, dogs and especially the mailman. I’m so glad she’s mine!

Thank you, Lisa, for not giving up on Bindi. She is a lively senior full of charm and we know she’s worth all the work you put into making her feel comfortable in your home. It’s not always easy to introduce a new furry family member, but with the right strategy and a lot of patience, the results can be phenomenal. Thank you for choosing adoption as your first option, and for giving Bindi her loving retirement home.

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