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Bauer and Bagheera

Best friends Bauer and Bagheera came to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in May of 2017. At this time, Bauer was only two months old and Bagheera was four months.

Within two weeks, they were taken into a foster home, where they received the loving care they needed. Bauer is totally easy going while Bagheera seems more reserved in comparison. Bauer loves wet food and Bagheera loves his dry food. One thing that there’s no doubt they have in common: they both love to cuddle.

Bauer and Bagheera are the perfect pair, and they complement each other in every way. Once these two were old enough to be neutered and adopted out to a loving family, it wasn’t long before Sonya fell in love with them and adopted them in August 2017. Now, Sonya brings us this update:

When we first brought our forever companions home, Bauer and Bagheera were on the shy side, often hiding in places like under the couch and beds, behind the TV, and in their kitty play tube.

Bauer was the first to open up to his new family, and by the end of the first week was happy to be cuddled and brushed. Bagheera took a little more convincing, but now he is the first in the morning to demand his back rub and the last in the evening to hang out on the couch. 

We have discovered many different likes of our feline besties, such as Bagheera’s love to go for harness walks and how Bauer loves his food.

Now, they cuddle with our son and daughter in the morning and afternoon, and my husband and me in the evenings. It’s almost like we are kitten magnets!

These bonded buddies have become family. They are kind and loving, but these young cats still have a knack for getting into trouble, particularly with playing Lego. Thanks to the BC SPCA for our new best friends.

Thank you to Sonya and her family for bringing Bauer and Bagheera into their lives, and for choosing adoption as their first option.

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