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Being in a new environment is very stressful for many cats, so it can be challenging to know what to expect when first bringing a new feline friend home.

Alice, a beautiful two-year-old tabby, came to us with a couple special quirks including a mild case of ataxia. When we put her up for adoption at the BC SPCA Richmond Education and Adoption Centre in the summer of 2018, we knew it would be particularly important for her future guardian to pay close attention to how she adjusts in her new home.

Nevertheless, Alice wouldn’t stop running around and playing from the moment we met her. Alice’s love for life and light-hearted spirit caught Cecilia’s eye.

Just one day into bringing her home in August, Cecilia already formed a close bond with Alice:

Today is only the first day that Alice has arrived in her new home, but I can already feel her enthusiasm towards life.

I’m surprised that she hasn’t tried to hide, nor is she too nervous in her new and unfamiliar environment as I suspected she might be. On the contrary—she keeps walking around and jumping all over the place, trying to get familiar with her new home all afternoon.

After I showed her around our home, she wanted to eat and play. She ate some dry food immediately and drank some water. Only minutes after she finished her meal, she started walking around me, touching my legs with her little head.

I then tried to play with her for a while with the new toy I prepared for her. With this, she seemed really happy and satisfied, and even started purring.

Alice is curious about everything. She follows me everywhere I go, trying to get my attention, and she really does get my attention. When I went to take a nap, she jumped onto my bed and lay down. Then we took our nap together. Apparently she isn’t fond of the little bed I prepared for her, or maybe she just wishes to be closer to me!

Alice is such a fantastic girl. I made the best decision when I decided to have her in my life. I am so glad that it seems like it’ll take less time for us to warm up than I expected before bringing her home.

Thank you, Cecilia, for adopting Alice and for giving her a home to be her sweet, loving, goofy self. We can see just how attentively you’re caring for her, and it’s significant how much she cares for you already. We wish you many years of playing, enjoying each other’s company and taking relaxing catnaps together.

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