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2022 Pledge to not attend proposed new rodeo

Animal suffering is not an appropriate form of entertainment. By signing this pledge, you are voicing your concern for animals and demonstrating you do not support this new rodeo.

Speak out to prevent animal suffering at new rodeo

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Rodeo horse in bareback riding event

A new rodeo is proposed to take place in September in the Township of Langley, and we need your support to sound the alarm.

Rodeo animals are at risk of experiencing discomfort, distress, pain, injury and even death, all for the sake of entertainment. The events scheduled to be held include saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, bull riding and barrel racing. While the dangerous roping and wrestling events are not being proposed, there are animal welfare concerns with these other events as well.

Flank straps are used in the bucking events (saddle bronc, bareback and bull riding) which applies pressure to the sensitive underbelly of these animals causing discomfort and irritation - this is what makes the animals buck more violently. While barrel racing may seem like most horse-riding events, there is a lack of standards that dictate acceptable equipment while racing. This permits a wide variety of equipment that can cause suffering, such as painful mouth bits used to control horses.

Allowing this rodeo to take place would not only be a major step back for animal welfare, but also goes against the values of our society - as a majority of British Columbians are opposed to using animals in rodeos. Many communities in recent years have already cancelled their rodeos or committed to more animal-friendly activities.

The BC SPCA believes in a humane future for agricultural exhibitions involving animals. Where rodeos take place, the BC SPCA encourages the showcasing of low-stress handling skills and horse riding events that do not cause fear, frustration, anxiety, pain or injury to animals.

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