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Pet care and behaviour help topics

Pet care & behaviour

Puppies need patience, time and supervision. Start with planning what you will need and what your pup will need when they come home.


  • Food
  • Harness, collar and ID tag, and leash
  • Toys – chew toys, fun toys and feeding toys
  • Bed
  • Crate

Puppy proof your home so your puppy doesn’t get into things it shouldn’t.

Plan where you want your pup to go to the bathroom and give them treats when they go in that spot.

Crate training is an easy way to help housetrain your pup and prevent him from getting into things.

When you bring pup home, start handling and giving him treats after so he learns handling is a good thing.

How do I socialize my puppy?

Don’t forget, if your puppy is under 12 weeks he’s at an important time in his life. Socialize him now and give him good experiences so he learns the world is a fun and safe place.

Puppies are a lot of fun and, like toddlers, they need to learn where to go potty. Remember it’s up to us to teach them and reward them when they get it right.

When house training your puppy, consider training him to like a crate. Crates can help with house training and chew training.

Training tip

Never punish your puppy for not going where you want or for not doing what you want him to do. We have to teach animals what we want them to do. If he doesn’t stay by your side he may not know that’s what you want. Reward him when he’s beside you. Use lots of treats and when he’s older you can use treats and life rewards.

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