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​What kind of shelter is adequate for a dog outside?

Dogs are social animals who like being around people and, in many cases, other dogs. If they live outdoors this often means they live in isolation.

Dogs left outdoors must have an outdoor kennel that is weather and draft proof.

Kennel must be:

  • Elevated
  • Insulated – both walls and flooring
  • Lined with lots of dry bedding (use straw versus hay; straw is dried out and hollow while hay is moist and will mold)
  • Checked regularly to make sure bedding is dry
  • Have an entrance that protects the dog from wind, rain and snow
  • Fresh water in a spill-proof bowl must always be available. If the weather hits sub-zero temperatures, you should purchase a heated water bowl.

A social species, even outdoor dogs need to get daily exercise, play and time with people.

Learn how to transition a dog living outdoors to living inside.