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Put food on everyone’s plate

British Columbians love their pets, and when money is tight people may even feed their animals before themselves. The BC SPCA provides free pet food and supplies at our Community Animal Centres and through partnerships with other community organizations, but relying on public donations isn’t sustainable and coordinated action is needed.

“When someone comes to the BC SPCA’s pet food banks for help, they’ve often exhausted other options and are only left with the difficult decision to care for themselves or their animals”, explains Diane Waters, outreach specialists for the BC SPCA. “They care so much about their furry family members that they’d forgo their own meals to make sure their pets are taken care of during hard times.”

For a while, Paul and his sweet cat, Megalove, relied on a BC SPCA pet food bank for Megalove’s food. That support meant neither of them had to go hungry when they were experiencing some tough times. Now they stop by to visit the staff and volunteers and get a few treats and scritches for Megalove. Paul actively supports his community through his work with the Binners Project and Megaphone Magazine, and Megalove supports Paul.

Last year, the BC SPCA’s network of pet food banks provided over 717,000 meals for hungry pets, and the high demand continues to rise.  Unfortunately, we’ve also seen donations decrease as everyone struggles through the current cost of living crisis.

Relying solely on donations to feed hungry pets and people just isn’t sustainable. We’ve asked B.C.’s political parties to include pet food and supplies in food banks and other food security programs supported by the provincial government to help feed and care for vulnerable people and animals in our communities.

Can you help put food on everyone’s plate this October? Please share this campaign to raise awareness and call for change in the upcoming provincial election!