Can I adopt a horse from the BC SPCA?
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​Can I adopt a horse from the BC SPCA?

Yes, you can adopt horses from the BC SPCA. Horses come into the care of the BC SPCA through our Animal Protection Services work. These horses are rehabilitated on-site at the Surrey Good Shepherd Barn, the Kelowna Recovery & Adoption Barn, the Nanaimo Seasted Stables, or in foster homes across the province. Interested in fostering horses? Apply to become a foster home online.

Horses that are available for adoption are listed on our adoptions page. Viewings are by appointment. A completed adoption application and a home check are required as part of the adoption process.

Adoption fees vary from $250 to $750, or more. Basic medical exams are performed by a veterinarian when horses are in our care; however, it is recommended that potential adopters carry out pre-purchase exams when considering horse adoption.

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