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Paw Partners Rescue Report

How your care as a Paw Partner is rescuing and saving animals

You rescued Ro from dire health and hunger

When Ro first came into care, suffering from a parasitic infection and severe hunger,  it was as though she was just fur, skin and bones. Today, thanks to your kindness as a Paw Partner, she has a full bowl, warm bed and a loving family.

Thanks for being there for animals like Ro, when they urgently need your help. Your kindness ensures that vet care is available when needed most! 

Read more about animals in need of urgent medical care that you can help today.

You helped Frank the Donkey find his forever home

Frank has a sweet face you could never forget. Thanks to your compassion as a Paw Partner, he is now living his best life with plenty of furry friends on a spacious farm.

Frank arrived at the BC SPCA in his 22nd year when his previous guardians could no longer give him the care they knew he needed. Frank suffered from Cushing’s Disease, and if left untreated it can cause serious health issues. Thankfully, you and fellow animal lovers kindly helped him find a guardian who could provide the space and medical treatments he deserved – Sheri.

With a new life he now has a new name – Charlie. He also has a new best friend, a miniature mule named Millie who is never far from his side. Charlie is both affectionate and has just a bit of a mischievous side, as Sheri pointed out in her update:

“When it is breakfast time, he brays very loudly and then begins trotting over to get some scratches. Charlie loves to cruise around and has even figured out how to open the feed room door, so we’ve had to limit his time hanging out in the barn!”

We hope it brings you joy to know that thanks to your loving kindness Charlie is enjoying a delightful donkey life!

If you’re looking to find your next lovable pet, remember to adopt, and not shop!

You gave love and kindness to Frank the “ticklish” Tank

Do you remember Frank the Tank? He’s the sulcata tortoise found roaming around a lettuce field in Richmond this past October.

Frank was found in poor health and had no appetite. And when he arrived at the BC SPCA, we found that he also had an upper respiratory infection and bad shell rot – an infection that if left untreated can be deadly. Whether he was abandoned or an escapee, you can only imagine the suffering he endured alone in the harsh outdoors to arrive in that condition.

Thankfully, your compassionate generosity saved Frank’s life by ensuring he got the treatment and care he so desperately needed. Believe it or not, part of that care was through tickles. Frank has quite the personality and does a happy dance when you give him a playful tickle on his shell.

His hobbies include being tickled and ramming into things.

You also helped find him a forever home, which was no easy task. Frank the Tank is a fitting nickname for this big boy as his breed of African tortoise can grow to the size of a wheelbarrow and weigh as much as 200 lbs! Sulcata tortoises can also live to be 150 years old. It is illegal to bring a sulcata tortoise or egg into Canada without an import permit. An exotic giant reptile from a far-away desert really doesn’t belong in B.C. as our environment makes it difficult to meet his basic needs.

He required very special and knowledgeable guardians, and a big backyard to roam around to ensure he’d have a good life. And, his new owners have a legacy plan to ensure Frank will never be left alone or abandoned again.

Learn more about the exotic pet trade, and how it affects wildlife like Frank the Tank.

Forever Guardian Feature: Helena will forever have animals in her heart

It is no surprise that Forever Guardian and fellow donor Helena was raised by a family of animal lovers.

When we recently reached out to her, she fondly shared with us that growing up her family ‘taught by example the importance of treating all animals with respect.’ She is now sharing that same lesson with her children and loved ones. She has done so with both her generous compassion, and as a loving guardian to many fur babies – the latest being Pepper. Pepper is a sweet cat Helena adopted from the Kamloops BC SPCA in 2015. At 5 years of age Pepper was found alone downtown and remained unadopted for 70 days. Lucky for Pepper, Helena wanted to adopt a new friend for her other kitty, Spyrals, who seemed lonely after losing his pal Snickers the previous year.

As Helena shared, “Spyrals was over the moon upon first meeting, Pepper, not so much.”

However, Spyrals would soon win Pepper’s heart. So much so that when Spyrals took to his final rest two years ago, the days that followed, Pepper walked throughout the house with the most sorrowful of cries.

Pepper’s days now consist of patrolling the yard, going for car rides, sleeping in one of her many beds, and if bored, mischievously scratching the couch to see if Helena or her husband may react. Pepper is being treated for hyperthyroidism and arthritis but is still enjoying life to the fullest thanks to the compassionate care she is given by her loving guardians.

“She [Pepper] has brought us years of happiness, and we hope many more ahead. I am so thankful for the BC SPCA.”
– Helena

Lovely Pepper the cat, enjoying some sunshine.

Helena’s greatest wish for animals is one you may share – a future where there would be no need for the SPCA. Until that wish comes true, Forever Guardians and PAW Plan donors like Helena are ensuring that all animals in need, both now and in the future, can as she lovingly puts it “find a safe home, and a second chance at life without pain or hunger, but with love and respect as all animals deserve.”

Thank you so much, Helena, for all you do for the animals!

Find out more about becoming a Forever Guardian and leaving your legacy of love.

A brewery with pawpose!

For nearly a decade, Yellow Dog Brewery has poured so much time and support to ensure that animals across B.C. get the love and care they deserve.

Last November, our team at the BC SPCA was thrilled to show our gratitude by nominating Yellow Dog Brewery for a National Philanthropy Day award.

Congratulations Yellow Dog for winning the 2023 Giving Hearts Awards for Outstanding Small Business, in recognition of their generous work!

You can join us as we raise a glass to toast their many years of brewing kindness, by reading more on their achievement.

You made a wish for animals for 2024

As 2023 came to a close, we asked Paw Partners like you to make a wish for animals in the coming year – the animals in your life, in your home, in the wild, and in your heart.

“For a full tummy and a loving home for all domesticated pets.”

“For a safe environment for all farm animals and freedom to roam. Humane treatment for all farmed animals.”

“For enforcement of laws to regulate and license all dog and cat breeders.”

“That each and every one finds their forever home – cared for, loved, safe and happy.”

“For school programs to teach children to be kind to animals and how much wild animals are so important to the ecosystem.”

“That they all have a safe, healthy and loving warm home. That no creature lives in fear, hunger, or cold and alone.”

Here are just a few of your messages of love and kindness. Thank you for sharing them with us!

You can help these wishes come true by becoming a volunteer in 2024.

Thank you for being there for the animals!