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http://www.shearcomfort.comShearComfort makes custom-fit protective covers for auto interiors, to make your travel as comfortable as possible. They proudly donate $1 to the BC SPCA for every online order (up to $8,500 per year) because they believe animals in need of care and protection deserve all the support we, as a community, can give.

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Three’s company: ShearComfort president shares the story of his family’s ‘angels’

ShearComfort Seat Covers has supported the BC SPCA for more than six years. ShearComfort employees love animals and have a lot of rescues among them. This is the story of how Brian, president of ShearComfort, and his family came to rescue three big white dogs who they call their angels.

In 2009, Brian and his partner, Karen, and their two sons said goodbye to Simba, the loyal and courageous dog who had been a beloved part of their family for 13 years. As they had lived for many years in Mexico with Simba, they said goodbye to “the best member of the family” by scattering his ashes in the Caribbean sea off Cozumel.

Just a few days later, still devastated by Simba’s loss and not even thinking about getting another pet yet, Brian and Karen stopped at a roadside stand selling blankets. It was there they met their first “angel,” a stray puppy who immediately won them over by slyly approaching them and then rolling over onto their feet. Her dark brown eyes seemed to share her pain and suffering, and she was dusty and dirty, but her white coat was visible, just like her bright personality, which immediately shone through. Brian and Karen took her back to their hotel, pampering her with filet mignon and roasted chicken, letting her sleep in the room in front of the air conditioner. They felt meeting this puppy on the same trip as Simba’s burial was a sign – she was an angel, and they named her Angel

“We couldn’t have known that by going to Cozumel for Simba’s funeral, we would return with a puppy named Angel,” says Karen. “We really feel it was serendipity!”

Back in B.C., it wasn’t long before two more rescues joined their family. While out walking with Angel one day, Karen spotted two white dogs darting back and forth across 41st Avenue in Vancouver, a busy street full of traffic. She helped city workers trying to catch the dogs, and one of the dogs approached her and gave her hand a lick when she knelt down. It felt like an instant bond – in fact, one of the officers asked if the dog was Karen’s! It turned out the dog’s home was just down the street from Karen’s, so she took the dogs to return them to their guardians.

The dogs were a mother and daughter pair of Korean Jindos, elegant and intelligent dogs. The dog’s guardian explained to Karen that they were too much work and “untrainable” so she didn’t walk them. Karen gave the woman her phone number and asked her to call if she ever needed help with the dogs; two hours later, there was the call, and two days and two walks later, it was clear that Karen was happy to give the dogs the home they needed, and their guardian let Karen’s family keep the dogs. Jin and her puppy Queenie were now two more angels in their family!

“Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask us how we ended up with three adorable white dogs!” says Karen.

Although they look the same, the dogs are quite different. Angel is slower to take to people but loves dogs, while Jin and Queenie love people but are more hesitant around dogs. Together as a trio they are learning peace, tolerance, trust, and love, and enjoying an adventurous and joyous life with their family.