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Arm and Hammer

For over 170 years, Arm & Hammer has been a trusted solution for taking care of every member of your family. From laundry, toothpaste, personal care products and cat litter, Arm & Hammer provides a quality you can count on, from a brand you trust at an affordable price point.

This commitment to purity and quality extends to the natural and effective cat litter solutions including their traditional, premium, lightweight, and unscented cat litter products.

Arm & Hammer is proud to offer anyone who adopts a cat or kitten from a BC SPCA animal centre during the month of June (2024), a box of Arm & Hammer Slide™ or Arm & Hammer Cloud Control™ or Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal™ Cat Litter, PLUS a coupon, while supplies last.

Arm & Hammer’s robust range of Cat Litter products aims to keep pet owners and cats happy. Arm & Hammer Cat Litter’s EZ Clean Technology features moisture-activated micro-granules that form a tight seal around cat waste, resulting in rock-hard non-stick waste. This premium formula uses patented CLUMP & SEAL™ technology to seal and destroy odours on contact and provides a 7-day odour-free guarantee.

Cloud Control excludes 26 known scent allergens and uses a hypoallergenic light scent ensuring both pet parents and their furry friends are at ease, reducing the likelihood of litter box rejection. Check out Arm & Hammer™ Cat Litter to get more information on the different cat litter formulas and to transform your cat’s litter box experience.