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Joyce Winnifred Smith

July 17, 1921 – September 7, 2023

Joyce Winifred Smith was born in Dartford, Kent, England in 1921 and moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1925. In 1964 she moved to British Columbia.

Her parents instilled a love of animals in their only child, providing many pets for Joy to love. Her interest in and love for animals continued throughout her long life. She was a talented painter; animals were often the subject in her pastel, acrylic and oil paintings. She generously created pet portraits for many of her family and friends.

During her 102 years she adopted and cared for many cats and dogs. With her move to the West Coast 60 years ago, she began her charitable support for the BCSPCA and other animal welfare charities. Joy’s last pet was an adopted feral cat she named, “Pussycat”. The sweet, abandoned kitten flourished with Joy’s loving care and provided Joy with welcome companionship in her final years.