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For many of us who have shared our hearts and homes with a feline companion, we know there isn’t much that can fill the void when they’re gone.

Although, when the time is right, welcoming in a new kitty can certainly help.

When Candice bid fare well to her dear cat Misha, her home did not feel the same. She knew it would only be a matter of time before she was ready to adopt again, and that’s exactly what she did.

Meanwhile, in March 2022, Walter found himself at the BC SPCA Williams Lake Community Animal Centre, looking for a new guardian. Then Candice came along. She spotted Walter and couldn’t resist his charm.

Now, a couple months later, Candice has written to us with an update:

“After having to say goodbye to my beloved senior kitty Misha (who I had also adopted from the BC SPCA), my house felt super lonely and empty without a furry companion around. So, I made the decision to adopt another adult kitty in need of a home.

When I visited the BC SPCA Williams Lake Community Animal Centre, Walter immediately jumped from his cat tree for some head and chin scratches. Naturally, I took him home with me.

It didn’t take Walter long to realize he had found his new forever home! He is the most handsome, silly boy. He drools all over his catnip toys and loves being chased around the house. He is very sneaky and likes to hide under curtains and surprise me as I walk by.

Walter is extremely chatty and loves to talk to me. He always has something to say. It’s usually that he wants second breakfast, dinner or treats. He loves having a windowsill to sit on to watch the birds outside or lounging in the sun.

Walter received his fancy lion cut before adoption due to being severely matted. His fur is coming in nicely now, but I will miss his furry boots! I’m so happy to have this crazy little man in my life. He does something to make me laugh or smile every day. Welcome home, Walter.”

Thank you, Candice, for choosing to adopt an adult cat in need of his forever home. We are so pleased that you two found each other at the right time. Walter certainly seems thrilled about his new guardian and home. We wish you many more years together filled with cuddles, food chats and playful curtain jump scares.

Have you adopted an animal from the BC SPCA and want to share your joy with others? Submit your adoption story!

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