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Timbit came into the BC SPCA Vernon Community Animal Centre with her siblings when she was just a couple of months old as the result of a cruelty investigation: BC SPCA animal protection officers rescued 15 starving dogs from a Clearwater breeder.

After care and treatment from BC SPCA staff, these Cane Corso puppies were ready for adoption. Undeniably adorable, the puppies would take a lot of commitment from their future guardians to help them grow into the best dogs they could be.

In February 2023, Kassidy and her family were ready to make that commitment. Not only were they prepared to give Timbit their full attention, but they made the 10-hour round trip to pick her up from the shelter.

A few weeks after adopting Timbit, Kassidy has written to us with an update to share:

“Timbit has been the perfect addition to our family. After a long five-hour car ride from Vernon to Vancouver, Timbit has made herself at home and has won over all our hearts.

She is a little spit fire but also a princess who adores everyone in her family. So far, she can sit, shake (almost), spin and is getting better at recall. She is steadily growing and gaining the weight back that she had lost before she was rescued.

We can’t wait to see the big girl Timbit turns out to be. Here’s to many more years with our new family member. Thank you, BC SPCA!”

Thank you for choosing adoption as your first option, Kassidy. Timbit is fortunate to have found such a loving family. We are pleased that she is already flourishing so much in her new home and look forward to hearing about the adventures you’ll share in the years to come.

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