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Snowball (aka Precious)

When we know it’s a match made to be, we’ll do what it takes to make that “purrfect” companion become a part of our lives.

When Rebecca and her family were looking for a new cat to join them, they came across Snowball (then known as Precious) on the BC SPCA’s website. From reading her description and looking into her beautiful golden eyes, Rebecca knew she was meant to be theirs.

A few conversations with the BC SPCA shelter staff and a plane journey later, Snowball was united with her forever family, and they’ve never looked back:

This past summer, we were looking to add another cat to our family. Due to the wildfires, our local BC SPCA East Kootenay Branch had transferred their cats to make room for animals affected by the fires.

So, we were looking at the BC SPCA website when we came across this beautiful black girl named Precious. However, she was in Vernon. Thankfully, the BC SPCA agreed Precious was a perfect match for us, and they put her on a plane to Cranbrook.

We brought Precious home September 8, 2018. She was skittish and shy at first, as we expected. We renamed her Snowball—yes, we know she is not white!

Snowball is a great addition to our family. She enjoys her “me time” on her cat tree away from our curious German Shepherd and other cat, Nollie. Snowball also loves to cuddle, on her terms, and she loves to play with her toys and hang out in boxes.

The vet told Snowball she should watch her waistline, but she isn’t afraid to let us know how she feels when her food dish is empty.

Snowball is the perfect fit for us.

Thank you to you and your family, Rebecca, for adopting Snowball and for making her one of your own. We can see that she not only loves her humans but also her furry siblings no matter how much “me time” she needs. Thank you for sharing your update and for giving us the opportunity to give Rebecca another chance at finding her forever home.

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