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Nala was surrendered into the care of the Maple Ridge BC SPCA Branch in March 2016. She was at quickly adopted by her second family, but then arrived back to the branch after the family was no longer able to care for her.

This easy breezy senior was an adorable charmer who was playful, affectionate and loved to roll around for attention. She was determined to make her third adoption her last. Luckily for her, she found the right match.

Nala was adopted by her perfect match on April 14, 2016 and is now loving her new life, which includes a canine fur sibling. Her guardian recently sent us this update on how Nala has been doing:

Miss Nala is fitting right into her new life with me. She was a little shy at the beginning to come out and play, but she has found her sleeping dark places for daytime under my bed and in my purses in the closet – but climbs into bed with me the minute I’m there.

She is nine but plays like a kitten! She loves to watch the world go by on her window sill, and she is loving her new furry puppy friend Cooper. 

Nala jumps from pillow to pillow over my head every night, and I wake up to her pretty little face close to mine every day. She is the queen of the household and loving her new life. We love her too!

It sounds like Nala’s forever home is one truly meant for her. Thank you for making adoption your first choice, and for providing such a great environment for a regal, energetic senior girl like Nala. You both are sure lucky to have found each other!

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